How Effective is Your Call Center?

With MP&A’s innovative reservation optimization software (RezOp) you will know. It is the first step toward increasing call center conversions and generating more profitable direct revenue.

And best of all it is affordable so even small hotels can learn and grow.

Get everything RezOp has to offer

Make every call count

Listen to and score recorded calls for sales effectiveness

Measure productivity by reservation agent

See call volume by day of week and time of day to adjust staffing accordingly

Determine if your agents need more sales training or coaching

Increase Marketing Intelligence & Performance

RezOp provides real-time marketing intelligence and ROI. Not everyone books online. With RezOp you know what marketing efforts are driving calls to reservations.

Using unique telephone numbers, RezOp reports what media (advertising, website, PPC, emails or social media) are driving prospects to call your hotel.

Maximize your marketing mix

With RezOp you will gain a clear picture of the true value of all your media. Get the data to refine your marketing strategy. Test and evaluate marketing lists, offers, formats and creative to determine which channels receive higher response rates and revise your marketing mix accordingly.

With RezOp you will receive invaluable information to help your Sales and Marketing be more effective. And best of all, it is easy to use and is so affordable that even small hotels can use it.

Get more information on how RezOp can drive more revenue to your hotel

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